Welcome to Max!

Hello, and welcome to the new Max Library Machine website and blog! I spent the last week setting up the skeleton of the website, please pardon the mess as I continue to build out the website and its documentation.


Max Library Machine is a game engine built with accessibility in mind. Instead of building an engine with a UI defined statically by the developers or forcing developers to work within a walled garden of accessibility, Max is designed to allow end users to create their own modules to change how games arrange, interpret and parse through information, allowing for games to be output to many devices and change how players interact with them through user-developed mods.

Development Progress

Currently me and another developer are building out the core of the engine. It consists of two parts, an abstract component game developers interact with (such as Max C#, but other implementations are planned) and a core internal kernel. I’ve currently completed an early build of the main environment for objects and basic array/memory management for Max C#.

More details will be available in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by. I plan to use this blog to post updates on the project’s development.