Notice: these documentation pages are a work in progress and will change periodically as they are updated.


Max Library Machine is always open to new contributions…

Directory Structure

The current directory structure of the project, with the common repository files removed, is like this:

- bin
- c 
- config
- csharp
- docs
- img
- lib
- lua-5.3
- public
- python
- res
- scripts
- site
- vs
  • Output
    • bin and lib contain compiled binaries and libraries respectively created by Max Library Machine.
  • Source Code
    • c contains c files and source code.
    • csharp contains source code for Max C#.
    • python contains source code for Max Python.
    • config contains configuration files.
  • Meta
    • docs contains documentation for the repository.
    • img contains images for the repository.
  • Website
    • public contains live website files.
    • site contains files used to create the website.